-Are you seeking a deeper level of understanding of what’s going on in our world and uncovering your truth?

-Do you wonder why things are the way they are in the world and feel like no one is giving you the answers?

-Do you have doubts or questions about religion or the new age movement and want clarity on what spirituality really is?

-Are you seeking a deeper level of understanding of what’s going on in our world and uncovering your truth?

-Do you look around you and get a sense that there is more going on than what we are being told?

-Have you seen things or had experiences you can’t explain or feel like you can’t talk to anyone for fear of being misunderstood?

Spiritual coaching sessions help you to better understand your spiritual journey as it relates to your daily life and things you can do to connect to your spirit and to mother Earth. I know that it’s easy to feel very alone, judged and misunderstood by those in your life who are choosing to remain in old paradigms, thoughts, beliefs, spiritual outlook and or world’s perspective. It may really help you to talk to somebody who understands exactly what you’re going through as you raise your frequency and consciousness in such changing times and often high-stress situations that can lead to confusion and a sense of hopelessness.


James Pask will initially discuss your needs to gain an insight to your journey, where you are at on it, what you are seeking as an outcome from your coaching and what questions and direction you are seeking. From here James will then set out a customized approach for you that will include coaching, metaphysical homework, a recommended healing path to enable you to get your questions answered, to connect with your spirit, to heal, to ground and just feel better.

A counseling/ coaching session will be a safe place of respect, love, and compassion, where James will enable you to really express what’s going on for you, how you are feeling about life and the questions you have on your journey. James will work with your spirit, higher self and his intuitive abilities and spiritual/ healing wisdom to give you the understanding and guidance you need.

James Pask started the question the system as a whole and started to come back to a more indigenous/ original understanding and perspective of the world and universe. He has since evolved along with his past training, research and experience as a healer (seen thousands of clients) to come to a place of deep understanding of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Universal Lore (universal knowledge) what we truly are, why we are here and how to become happy, free and sovereign beings.

Get your questions about our Metaphysical world answered:

– Our Holographic Universe
– How to ground and connect to mother earth
– Inter-dimensional beings and their impact on us.
– How to connect to your spirit and higher self.
– Human Being in a multi-dimensional universe.
– Spirits, ghosts, paranormal activity and what to do about it.

– Internal and external entities
– Past lives and thought forms
– Different types of healing
– Psychic projection/curses and protection
– How to cleanse and protect your energy.
– Understanding universal lore and how to apply it to your life.

– Why you do certain behaviors or experience certain emotions that you don’t want to experience.
– Ancestral/hereditary lines
– Being an empath in today’s world.
– The difference between the soul and the spirit of a being.


Metaphysical Teacher and Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

James Pask is on a continual spiritual journey seeking truth, understanding, and connection. After exploring many religions and ways of looking at the world, James became involved in the new age movement and did years of training in Psychic development, channeling, ‘mediumship’, trance, mediation, energy healing and much more.




You may have a few questions that you want answered in a session or you may want ongoing metaphysical/spiritual coaching and guidance on a regular basis (weekly/fortnightly/monthly)


“I just wanted to tell you of the amazing experience I had with James last Saturday. The healing energy was the most powerful I had experienced before. He really has a special gift.”

– Sophie

“I have been seeing James now for almost 6 months and I am happy to recommend his work to all who have a desire to move forward with their lives and businesses and clear the mud of the past. I have had readings, healing sessions and also clearings done, and on every level, he is assisting me with my growth on a spiritual level. With James’ knowledge of whole foods, he has also assisted with a better body balance for me so my health is improving also.

James is one of the most talented, giving, humble, sincere and delightful people you could ever wish to have come into your life to assist you on your path of spiritual growth and happiness. I have recommended him to many clients and friends and all have been delighted with his knowledge and assistance. Thank you again James, for your wonderful work!”

– Sue Carroll, Sydney