James Pask

James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

Areas of expertise:

What drives me? Gifting people with the amazing knowledge of self-healing through non-traditional methods; using the readily available physical and spiritual nutrition of the Earth to resolve core health issues within people.

What animal most represents me? The Wolf. He has an innate connection to both people and teaching how to live in synchronicity with the earth.

My element is EARTH. The earth is our ultimate Mother!

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Testimonial for James Pask

“Working with James over the last several months have been so incredibly helpful. His approach to healing and personal change is unique, deep, and very effective. James helped me move through a couple of key issues I’d been stuck and frustrated with for some time. Uncovering the underlying (metaphysical) causes allowed me to clear and heal them for good, and to make space to step into a much more empowered and wholesome place within myself (whoo hoo!)

James is awesomely good at what he does. He’s grounded, insightful, with many years experience (which shows) – I highly recommend him to anyone looking for real healing and real change. Thank you, James, huge gratitude for you and your work!”
– Georgie Cooke







How can you work with James Pask?

James works with the metaphysical world – everything that is alive and has a Spirit. You, your family, your land, your animals, your business and your house. James will draw from a multitude of different healing modalities and indigenous wisdom to make changes to the invisible world so that it can alter the visible world (or physical). You can choose to connect with James via private sessions, online spiritual programs, webinars and resources such as meditations and books.

Choose to have a power Holographic Kinetics Metaphysical one-on-one healing session with James to start your journey

Get your questions answered about all things Spiritual and the nature of universal reality with Metaphysical Mentoring

Join our 12-week E-course to develop a stronger sense of self

Attend Debbie & James’ 4-day Healing Retreats in the hills of Bellingen Australia to reboot and recharge your inner spirit

Tools and Processes I employ

Holographic Kinetics – a cutting-edge therapy designed to make changes to the metaphysical which then translates to the physical. Involves past life regression therapy, ancestral RNA healing, releasing trauma from this life and more

Russian DNA and Cellular healing – Based on the work of Grabavoi, be prepared to start talking to your organs and body systems for repair

Universal Nature Principles – based on indigenous understanding of the source field and the cross over off Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies – to make changes in the visible world

Mindfulness Techniques – building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence

Kinergetics and Kinesiology – energy meridian work and muscle testing to restore body functions back to their optimal charge

Body Code and Emotion Code – based on Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work using the Body Healing library matrix to target and correct energy imbalances

Psych-K – removing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind through a cutting-edge technique as recommended by Dr. Bruce Lipton (cellular biologist) in his book “The Biology of Beliefs”.

Energy Meridian Work – using the ancient Indian knowledge system of the chakras (energy meridians) to link any mind-body effects of stress, conflict, and indecision.

Body Anatomy Diagnosis – based on the energy principles behind illness, understanding why things manifest physically to affect the body and working on emotional corrections for healing

James Pask’s Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner – based on Steve Richards Aboriginal Dreamtime modality
  • Holographic Kinetics – teacher of several courses on behalf of Steve Richards (creator/founder) 2015 – 2017
  • Russian Genome Healing Course (based on Russian miracle workers – Dr. Arcady Petrov and Gregori Grabavoi)
  • Body Code and Emotions Code – Self paced study and member access based on Dr. Bradley Nelsons work
  • Seven Levels of Quest – Trained with Malcom Ringwalt in the 7 vision quest journeys to self-mastery
  • Kinergetics I & II & III – work of Phillip Rafferty
  • Meditation Teachers Training Intensive
  • Psych-K Certified Facilitator – transforming limiting beliefs
  • The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays
  • Spirit Dance Chakra workshops
  • 7 years of Intuitive & Psychic Development Classes
  • Crystal healing workshops
  • Abundance Mastery Training
  • Don Tolman Weekend “Bootcamp for Brains” course